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Lyric Harper & the Harmonic Bridge


 Lyric Harper, musical genius, is about to embark on her senior year at the most prestigious arts school in the world nestled right in the pines of North Carolina. Harmonic Arts Center, this hidden gem of talent and artistry, has another mission than to equip talented young musicians with the heart for greatness but to test and develop their inner spirit to bring out their mythological nature. Seven youth are selected for an early admittance summer program under the guise of performing at the opening showcase in the fall. They are called for a greater purpose and shapeshift, train, and work as one flock to combine their gifts to defeat the creatures threatening to cross the Harmonic Bridge into our world. Birds of a feather fly and rock together in this new MG Contemporary Fantasy set in 1985.  

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The Raptor Revolution Save Christmas Mountain


 Samuel Adams Squirrelly is on a mission. He must save Christmas Mountain from the red-tailed hawks, led by a fanatic Elvis impersonator, threatening their natural balance. Does he have what it takes to gather up his band and led them into battle? Will he be able to survive the vicious attacks from the sky? Is there one hawk among them that can set things right? Join Samuel and his O.R.E.O. militia, as they face their greatest challenge to stand for freedom and fight for liberty in this MG Historical Fantasy based on the American Revolution. 

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Dear God, Please Take Care of Rambo


 Dear God, Please take care of Rambo is a letter from Sam to God. He's got a lot of questions about his best friend. Even if he doesn't get the answers, it makes him feel better to ask them. 

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Myrtle's Garden


Myrtle's Garden is a testament of how a community can come together and grow more than vegetables in an empty lot. Join Brendi the Brave, Veronica, Kelcey, and Luis on their spring adventure to take an empty lot and turn it into something free. 

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My Boyfriend's Back Angels in Love


 Graceland Johnson and Noble Chavis had a secret he took with him to the grave. Now, Noble is back and Graceland must find a way to keep him around. As eyes shift and lips meet, Graceland knows he's using Jamie Locklear to communicate with her. What is Noble trying to say? Will Graceland figure it all out before the reaper finds him and carries him to Heaven? What's so special about Angel Creek, North Carolina that keeps the undead around? 

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Bridges: The Lightbearers Series Book One


On Sale October 13, 2019

Preorder this scottish paranormal romance today!

Crossings: The Lightbearers Series Book Two


On Sale December 13, 2019

Tides: The Lightbearers Series Book Three


On Sale January 1, 2020

Q & A with Jen Lowry about Sweet Potato Jones


Dr. Jennifer Ikner Lowry

#1 Best-Seller - Happy Renewal Year Devotional (Signed Copy)


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 Ever wanted a journal devotional that challenged you to take the next steps to a new you? Do you want to focus on growth and positive psychology principles that can change your life? Try the Happy Renewal Year Challenge Devotional! Each challenge has been a lived experience from my past year, and I want to share it all with you!  

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30 Day Teacher Devotional

 Everyday Mom Ministries is at it again - this time it's all about the teacher challenge. This 30 day devotional includes challenges, tips, strategies, and journal reflection questions will guide teachers (for any discipline, grade, or setting - public, private, homeschool) to help consistently maintain a Christ-centered classroom, with the modeling of Christian leadership and the light of the Holy Spirit. Words may never have to be spoken on a campus, but the facts remain - Christian teachers carry Jesus with them into every aspect of their life: their career, family, and community.

Let us take the challenges and transform our school year! 

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30 Day Family Challenge

Ever wanted a parenting devotional that challenged you to become active with your kids, while creating a Christ-centered home? Join me for 30 days and watch your family transform! 

Everyday Challenge Ministries has served mommas and families since 2014! Come join us on the challenge!


Fingerprint Curriculum: Homeschool Planning Guide

 As you plan for your homeschool curriculum, check out the tips and challenges of Fingerprint Curriculum! Dr. Jennifer Lowry is the owner of Monarch Educational Services and has is a certified teacher in North Carolina. She homeschools her two boys and wants to share her philosophy, practical strategies, and organizational tips with your family! Contact her at for additional questions or comments. 


The Clay in the Potter's Hands: Southern Poetry

 Jen Lowry’s first book of Southern poetry is reminiscent of childhood days gone passed, parents journeying on, and finding out what it means to keep going after they’re gone. Inspired by her life events, Jen writes from her heart, and this collection is just that - a heartfelt testimony of an everyday woman. This book is broken into two parts. Shaping includes poetry from Jen’s memories of her childhood, from front porch swings, wishing on weeds, and catching lightning bugs in a Mason jar. Modeling shares the struggles, pain, hope, and joy of Jen’s adult life and learning how to move on from her parent’s passing on.  "But now, LORD, you are our father. We are the clay, and you are our potter. All of us are the work of your hand.” Isaiah 64:8.  

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Happy Renewal Year Challenge Devotional

Ever wanted a journal devotional that challenged you to take the next steps to a new you? Do you want to focus on growth and positive psychology principles that can change your life? Try the Happy Renewal Year Challenge Devotional! Each challenge has been a lived experience from my past year, and I want to share it all with you! 

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