About Dr. Jennifer Ikner Lowry

My Background



I'm just a small town girl with a big heart for Jesus! 

I was raised in the small town of Maxton, NC! Even though I moved close to the big city of Raleigh, there is no place like my hometown. 

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My Inspiration


I thank God daily for His Word. The Bible is my greatest inspiration. 

I thank the Lord for my children and family! They encourage me and motivate me daily!

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My Writing Style


I'm Southern, no doubt about it. I want that to seep through the pores of any novel I write. I desire to be authentic in my voice and stay true to the characters that the Spirit guides me to write. See, I believe with all my heart there is power in words. That power can reach nations, and I pray that my writing has that opportunity!

I believe our youth should be provided with fiction that has a riveting story that draws them in, but keeps it clean from beginning to end. 

My all time favorite podcast episode -  First Author Interview with 10-year-old Samuel Lowry (my little one)

Monarch Educational Services, L.L.C. - Jen's business!

My Store!


I've always loved author shirts but could never find the right one for me! That lead me to create my own author merchandise store this summer (2019)! I'm so excited to share all of my designs that I've made for authors. I've also made merchandise for every book release! Lyric Harper and Graceland Johnson have their gear up in the store! Victoria's selections are coming on September 13, 2019! 

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Author Services!


I'm helping authors all the time to reach their publishing dreams. Do you need an author coach? Maybe you need someone to help you along with your dissertation or content edit? How about an educational guide or resources to provide teachers? My freelance services are by contract, price agreed upon based on needs.  Email me at  monarcheducationalservices@gmail.com to discuss your author needs. 

Cognitive Coaching


My doctorate degree is in Christian Ministry, and I'm nationally certified in Cognitive Coaching. That means I can help YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR TEAM, OR ORGANIZATION set and meet the goals before them with researched Positive Psychology principles and the firm foundation of the Word as a guide. 

I can also assist homeschool families organize, plan, evaluate, and test as a homeschool consultant. 

$125.00 an hour 

Contact me for further details at monarcheducationalservcies@gmail.com


Monarch Goals - Publisher by 2024

Jen has author goals, and it's not just about her! She is planning to open her own publishing company in 2024. In the meantime, she is an active member of the IBPA, coaching authors, and encouraging them to follow their passions. Her publishing company motto will be, "Clean Books for All Ages" so stay on the lookout.

Monarch Educational Services, L.L.C.

Christian Life Coaching; Author Services & Supports; Educational Consultation; Publishing

My Journey

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For my 8th grade graduation, my sweet momma bought me a Brother typewriter (with the little screen) because she knew the dream in my heart! I loved to craft stories and secretly dreamed of becoming an author one day! 

From silly off to college stories to paranormal tales, I found myself escaping in the words of my favorite books (Sweet Valley and anything by Stephen King) to creating my own worlds. For years, I wrote and collected words on paper without sharing them with anyone but my family. 

I've two devotionals and a homeschooling education guide self published on Amazon. My fiction titles are all waiting eagerly to be published. I was too timid and fearful (if I am to speak the truth, and I must) to put my worlds out there. So, they hung their heads down low as I went about my life.

As a teacher, I am inspired by brilliant students each day. I watch their openness and willingness to publish. Their chance taking built me up to the courage leap of faith to send off a query for my debut novel, Hope Has Wings...and she took flight and soared. And here we are!

Now, my day has come! Thank you for coming along on this ride with me. Many blessings to you and yours!