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What is Everyday Mom Challenge Ministries?


In August 2014, after hearing the testimony of a healed woman, my best friend and I stood in the back of a long line to tell her how much we enjoyed her story. When we made it through to the front, she laid hands on me and stated she had received a prophetic word that I would one day be on TV, but I would not be a health and wealth preacher, but to teach the Word. That evening, I began my YouTube ministry (the TV for today), and the rest is history! 

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I value your partnership and commitment to being that everyday mom that is radical for God! Email me at jenlowrywrites@gmail.com to share with me your testimony! With your permission, I will share a new post each week. Your story matters. Let others hear from you!

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I am so excited to announce that Everyday Mom Challenge Ministries has hit over 200 videos on YouTube. 

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In August of 2018, we started the Jen Lowry, Author FACEBOOK GROUP for Everyday Mom Challenge! I'm posting Facebook Live EMC Bible Study videos every Tuesday and Thursday! Check us out! Follow, like, and join today as we build our sisterhood!

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